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My Instagram fear

I’m a relatively normal person, mum of two, wife of a dairy
farmer, which comments on funny quotes online and loves to watch films. My most
recent film love is, the super inspirational in itself: ‘The Red Sparrow’. The movie
inspired me because it’s about a woman who needs to push herself outside of her
comfort zone when an injury halts her career. It reminded me that changing and
venturing outside of your normal boundaries is ok and is needed to move forward

Having spent the last year creating my Instagram page and
discovering some delightful people, which has become an obsession of mine, I am
amazed by people’s work and personal lives and how being yourself and
expressing your passions is what people love about using social media. 

However, there are always these thoughts in the back of my mind
asking what people might think about me. What do people think of my Instagram
story, do they like it? Will people unfollow me if they don’t like it? The list
goes on! It definitely takes bravery to overcome these ideas.

I have recently been watching ‘Who Dares Wins’ and for those of
you who haven't seen this, it is a must!  It shows you exactly how things
in your life can cause a mental block when it comes to your everyday tasks,
physically and mentally. The programme made me feel a sudden impulse to go for
a run, literally as far as I could until I felt myself physically and then
mentally meet my limit! It reminded me how good it feels to reach that
point and then overcome it.

It’s this mental block I have that is stopping me from doing
exactly what I want to do. Even in my instagram life! It is bloody scary to put
yourself out there, particularly on the internet in hopes that people will not
be too critical of who you are and your passions. I guess none of us are
perfect and it’s a case of overcoming the fear of the unknown. 

At the moment I am feeling really good and positive about my
life and business, although not every part is perfect, but I am taking risks
and hoping that they are worth it.  Not every day is an easy one but
persistence and even sometimes a change of scenery helps me clear my head and
refocus, even if it’s a simple run in the beautiful Devonshire

So here is to overcoming one barrier: admitting to you that I am
struggling with social media and the feeling of vulnerability that comes with

I love comments from followers little or large, it brightens up
my day so please keep in contact.  

Thank you to all my followers so
far, I am really excited about 2019, even with my doubts and fears. I am going
to stay focused on my goals and push myself to be the best that I can be in the
coming year.

Chin chin, now it’s time for a gin!