Festive Season Updates : In Person Events and All New Products

As summer draws to a close, it is that time of year again. We wrap up in jumpers, make sure our raincoats are in the car and head off to our favourite seasonal events. This week, Emily and her team are off to Autumn Fair, where they will see familiar faces, show off some of her new ‘fancy frocks’, and showcase some of the newest releases coming to Emily’s shop this season.

New Mugs

That’s right, there are four new mugs to choose from featuring an all new handle and rim design. Get ready to drink your pumpkin spices out of some long awaited additions to the mug collection. We’ve got Reuben Rhino, Jemima Jellyfish, Oscar Octopus, and our popular parrots Percy and Penelope making an appearance on our most sought after product, available here! That means we are up to a grand total of eleven mugs for you to choose from.

Just in Time For Christmas

We also have a really exciting announcement to make! Drum roll please… Ta da! Not only will we be showcasing our two all new cosmetic bags at Autumn fair this week (featuring Jemima Jellyfish and Reuben Rhino), we are also announcing our upcoming cushions, which should be available just in time for Christmas. There will be three designs available featuring some of your favourite animals in Emily’s collection. So, keep your eyes peeled for more information on these very soon.
We are also showing off our new pocket mirrors, which have been manufactured in Exeter. It is so important to our brand that everything is made in Britain, and these handy little mirrors were no exception! Plus, they make a great addition to the matching cosmetic bags which have been an absolute success. You can get your hands on new make-up bag designs here.

Exeter Living

Emily was also longlisted for the Exeter Living Awards for 2021, and although we didn’t win, we had a fantastic evening at the awards ceremony. It was a lovely opportunity to meet other shop owners and creators, and celebrate how far we have come. Everyone suffered throughout the COVID pandemic, so an in person event was highly anticipated and enjoyed to its fullest.

Emily and the team have been working really hard this year to bring you new and exciting products. It’s been tough for everyone, but Emily Smith Designs is still on track to create lots of highly anticipated additions to her ever growing collection! We have lots of really exciting projects in mind for the future, and we just want to say a HUGE thank you to anybody and everybody who has supported us so far. Starting a small business isn’t always easy. We hope you have a wonderful autumnal season!

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