Making Home Beautiful and New Beginnings

What Year is it again?

With everything that 2020 brought us, I felt it was time for a reset, not only with our website’s new look but also with my living space. Lockdown has taught us a lot about appreciating the little things, like how important home is right now. From working at home to home-schooling, your environment is so important for your productivity, so we wanted to refresh our site and refresh your space. After a quiet new year, it’s time to celebrate every opportunity that 2021 is bringing us.

Behind the Scenes at Emily’s

Living on a dairy farm, life never stops – even during lockdown, so Martin has been busy milking whilst the kids and I have been enjoying our outdoor space. Living in Devon means we are relatively secluded so, I have had plenty of time for countryside walks, and most of all I have loved changing up my work and living space.

Personally, I have given my home a makeover. I started with the kids’ playroom, which you can see on my Instagram, where I’ve painted some of my iconic animal friends, in this case, Stella the sloth. I also roped Martin into helping me with a few home improvements around the house, like sorting out an extension for the dining room and re-plastering my daughter’s walls. If it wasn’t obvious already, I bloody LOVE to mix things up and redecorate every now and again, and I’m extremely pleased with how everything is coming together. We also added a new wood burner (since I’m always cold in this old farmhouse – and this year I plan on keeping my toes), plus some sexy new additions to the bathroom including a new sink and some sleek aluminium tiles!

Liv reading in her newly decorated bedroom.

The sense of achievement in revamping my space is the perfect way to leave 2020 behind and start afresh in the New Year. I feel so much better after a deep clean, a full reset and giving my home the perfect glow-up.  But, this time, I didn’t want to stop at refreshing my own space at home! I felt it was about time that the Emily Smith Designs website had a glow-up of its own. I’m feeling more inspired than ever to explore new designs (keep your eyes peeled) and bring a splash of colour into 2021.

The New Look

We’ve changed up the colours and the layout to make the new site more user-friendly than ever before! We are aiming for something new this year, so we have also sorted out a new goal for the brand – Making Home Beautiful! With pops of colour, our brand is about MAKING those HOME moments count by helping create BEAUTIFUL spaces. Our designs were made with you and your self-care in mind, from getting out and about with our umbrellas (at a safe distance, of course) to keeping track of tasks in our premium notebooks, you’ll never lose sight of what day it is and what really matters. So, get comfortable, brew a toasty warm beverage (in one of our iconic mugs of course) and get ready for this female-run business to knock your socks off!

From me (Emily), my family and the newest member of the team, Evie the puppy, we want to wish everyone the best going into the New Year, and say a huge thank you for supporting us so far!

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