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We’ve Launched!

“From the first craft-market I did two years ago, the evolution to where we are today has been a rollercoaster of a journey, with plenty of learning curves on the way.”
– Emily Smith

Art, in all its forms, is first and foremost an expression of experience and learning. The world can be a scary place, and it is often necessary to remind yourself that beauty still exists despite the darkness. The Emily Smith brand embodies this approach: we are vibrant, elegant and endlessly imaginative, focused on introducing as much light into your lives as we can. We deal in unique and high-quality homeware and accessories, from bone china mugs to quirky umbrellas and placemats. What began as a private venture has matured into something so much more, and we were so proud to share the fruits of our labours with you at our launch event last night. Thank you to everybody who came and showed their support!

The Emily Smith brand started out with just one person, the artist herself, creating drawings for her children’s bedrooms. Since then, we have done craft markets, been commissioned by locals, and finally established a trademark in order to showcase our products adequately and appeal to like-minded individuals. Our team has since grown, from just Emily and her best friend, who oversees marketing and sales, to a variety of characters that feature in our products. From Tipi and Skyla the kingfishers, to flamingos  Flossy and Amber, they are all as much a part of the Emily Smith brand as Emily herself!

As a dedicated wife and devoted mother, it was Emily’s love for her children that sparked a rekindling of her love of art. Because of this, family plays an important role in the brand, and we are proud to have made our way into the market through word-of-mouth and the well-wishes of supportive relatives and friends. What’s more, we are passionate about the quality of our products, all of which are British-made and shipped out from our base in beautiful Devon, UK. Our products are made to the highest standard, and we are conscious to ensure their durability, too; Emily prefers to use acrylics for this reason, in order to put across the texture of the image she envisages and to ensure they are long-lasting.

If you like to decorate your home in a way that showcases your individuality, then Emily Smith is the brand for you. From mugs to coasters to placemats to umbrellas, we have something that will appeal to everyone, suitable for animating your home or as a gift to brighten someone else’s day.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who joined us last night at Camper Coffee, it was great to see you all for the launch and celebrate our journey so far! Here’s to the future of Emily Smith!

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