Fun, Festivity and Flamingos: a note on the coming season.

Welcome to the beginning of the new festive season at Emily Smith, part time entrepreneur and full-time mum in Christmas mode. This of course means that along with business planning, our team are also on the hunt for fabulous Christmas decorations, festivity, and of course stocking fillers and presents for the family before the good stuff is all sold out! However, you will be happy to hear amongst all the chaos that we have some fun and flamingo filled announcements to make this month, including a huge welcome to Vicki who has joined our team of inspirational women. She has many years of sales experience behind her and just as many ideas for the season ahead, inspired by our current image.

We have also just returned from a fantastic trip to London in which we were asked to attend the launch event of the new Wolf and Badger store located in coal drops yard, Kings Cross. We had a wonderful experience at the launch followed by a trip to Mr Foggs Gin Parlour where we were delighted that our beverages were served in teacups, on-brand as ever!

Of course, with only a month left of 2018 we have been starting to think ahead as to what 2019 will bring for Emily Smith and our brand as a whole. We have new products on their way to expanding the current range featuring the classic Ostrich, Kingfisher, and Flamingos!

Plus, we are excited to announce our much anticipated all new collection will be coming this spring. It is unlike anything we have designed before as I wanted to introduce some of my favourite colours and trends inspired by interiors and designs I have been loving recently.

Unfortunately, due to all the work we have been putting into these exciting future projects, our Christmas ideas for this year had to take a back seat, but we will be bringing back our limited-edition Ostrich mugs, which are on sale now! They are made of beautiful bone china featuring a 24k gold rim which will make any of those special holiday beverages look festive and cosy.

We are planning on keeping everyone updated via our social media, so go follow us over there. We upload to Instagram regularly, including some fun behind the scenes content. We hope that your coming festive season is fully loaded with fun, family, and flamingos.

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