About Emily Smith

Emily Smith is a dedicated wife, devoted mother and talented artist from Devon.

Emily displayed an artistic side from a very young age however it was through Art lessons at secondary school that Emily’s talent was able to flourish and her love for painting really began.  

Emily has studied various techniques however her preference has always been painting with acrylics due to the effects and textures that can be achieved through its thick application.  It was here on the family farm in the beautiful countryside of deepest Devon that Emily’s passion for painting was inspired by the animals and wildlife all around her. 

“The best thing for me is seeing the finished product, seeing what I just created and hoping there is someone that appreciates it as much as I do”

Originally only painting for her children Emily was soon inundated for requests of her paintings and was often commissioned by Devon locals. 

The Emily Smith brand was born

Emily wanted to create a unique, quality Homeware and Accessory range.  Partnering with her life long friend, Alexandra Christian is the driving force of Sales and Marketing freeing Emily up to create and design current and future products.

Emily Smith at Work